The EASY 30 DAYS OF VEGAN CONTENT is the perfect social media kit if you are vegan fanatic, vegan influencer or wish to share your veganism and make an impact in the food and nutrition industry it’s time to build a powerful online presence on Instagram and Facebook.


It is best suited for you if you struggle with planning your posts and end up posting random content, if you are constantly running out of ideas or time, or simply not getting any results from your social posts.


Use the EASY 30 DAYS OF VEGAN CONTENT for a stress-free social life, to get better results from your post, grow your online presence, boost engagement rates, generate leads and sales for your personal brand, product or serviced based business whether it is a vegan friendly menu or restaurant, baking recipes or cookbook.


Jump start your day having engaging conversations with your social media family on carefully selected topics that grow your product or service-based business, personal brand, start-up business and your online presence on your Instagram and Facebook profile. These conversations topics are specific to the vegan niche and generate engagement in a fun, inspiring, beautiful and professional way


It’s absolutely perfect for you if you’d love to create tailored made content for your business or personal brand, but you



despite all helpful articles and templates telling you what to post



Spending hours trying to write something fun, catch, creative, on brand leading to procrastination and a vicious cycle of a random post if any followed by weeks and months of social media absence.



You stare at your phone for hours frustrated because you cannot come up with conversations that engages your customers, builds loyalty, increases organic ever green growth but most importantly converts to income



Creating and editing content cuts into so much of your day you that you are barely able to put in the time it takes to strategize your business, lock in your next customer, close leads, sign off a contract, pitch or finalise a sale.



Juggling social media posts, Instagram stories, email queries, paying bills, email subscribers’ newsletters. The list goes on…



Thinking if you had known all the time effort sweat and even tears it took to create an engaging on brand content relevant to your niche, you might have skipped this entrepreneurial journey entirely?


Then the EASY 30 DAYS OF VEGAN CONTENT is a game changer for your Instagram and Facebook profile. Jam-packed with tested and proven niche specific and ready to post content that help grow your business or personal brand on your Instagram and Facebook profiles.


Stop wasting your day envying accounts on Instagram that have a great following, clients and sales! Instead get started today and spiral into daily engagement with your audience. It is time you start


  • Posting compelling and engaging content to your Instagram and Facebook accounts


  • Getting to know your followers, what they are into and turn them into loyal fans by providing it


  • Growing your audience, increasing visibility, engagement and loyal following by your ideal customer


  • Breaking the ice with conversations that build your business or personal brand, increase sales, generate leads and close sales




Add your company/product name, niche, target audience and social media handles at checkout if desired. A team member researches your niche and within 48 hours emails your Instagram and Facebook unique Kit containing a 30 day calendar plan with 40 scripted posts and 20 editable Canva images sectioned into

10 BUSINESS/PERSONAL BRAND CTA POSTS carefully selected to raise brand awareness, spark comments, generate leads and increase sales. I recommend posting these no more than twice a week to avoid coming off as sales-only focused brand. Believe me less is more.


6 VEGAN WOULD YOU RATHER QUESTIONS TYPE POSTS that shoot your engagement through the roof.


6 VEGAN INFORMATIONAL CTA POSTS or factsheets that exerts your authority in your niche and draws out comments like crazy!


6 VEGAN ENGAGING QUESTIONS CTA POSTS or factsheets that exerts your authority in your niche and draws out comments like crazy!


6 VEGAN VIRAL MOTIVATIONAL/INSPIRATIONAL CTA carefully selected to match your brand message and promote engagement, ask engaging questions and promote shares.


6 FREE COVID-RELATED SENSTIVE CTA POSTS that boost sensitivity and loyalty to your brand.





20 FREE hand-picked editable Canva IMAGES to accompany your conversations.


Images are the perfect size for your Instagram and Facebook feed and are 1080 X 1080px.


Downloadable tips to grow your business or personal brand on Instagram and Facebook.


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£15.00Sale Price
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Vegan Kit
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£12.00monthly/ auto-renew
  • The EASY 30 DAYS OF VEGAN CONTENT is a downloadable and fully editable DIGITAL marketing resource document.


    The document contains proven, tested as well as Instagram and Facebook algorithm friendly, fully scripted post-ready texts.


    You also get CANVA editable images ready to upload to Instagram and Facebook feed. This kit DOES NOT replace your marketing efforts to generate leads to grow your brand or business.


    The EASY30 DAYS OF VEGAN CONTENT is intended ONLY to provide daily engaging content for your feed. It is your duty to follow it up with further communications with your target audience.

COVID-19 EXTENDED DELIVERY:  Please bear with me and the possibility of some delays to the usual delivery times of non-digital products

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