Imagine having 30 DAYS OF PERSONALISED WORD-FOR-WORD CONTENT all planned and ready to for you to post on your social media pages. Saving you time & the overwhelm of a writer's block

Hey there!I'm

I am independent prescribing pharmacist by profession. I struggled with my body image for years.  I always struggled to find good quality affordable clothes that were of a decent length, sex yet sexy. I started sourcing my own clothes in my early twenties. I always was complemented for my fashion style and yearned to help other women in my shoes. Speaking of shoes? I also have big feet and custom order mine which I can't wait to share with you!
Side track much!.... Fast forward more than 10 years later, Kazzy's Fayre clothing was born years before it was launched August 2019.  Find out more about D'ALK Fashion.
On the other hand, my love for all things digital continued to grow for the last 15 years. A personal social media presence has never been a personal goal of mine. I have always preferred staying behind the scenes and helping businesses grow digitally and recently being a mentor to new business owners with no digital experience. Speaking to them quickly made me me realise i have expert knowledge to share hence the reason i introduced my digital skills to Kazzy's Fayre.


So what changed
It was not always like this. I was not always this confident, brave and insightful. My wealth of knowledge comes from years of behind the scene victories and failures and that is why I understand the pains of starting a new business.
I am a true nerdish tech obsessed home body. My happiest days are waking to a cup of matcha tea 
Deciding to embark on my entrepreneurial fayre or the D'ALK fayre like i love to call it. has not been smooth sailing but worthwhile.  
I am constantly focused on automating processes so we can not only all earn a great income even while we sleep but use the extra time to improve ourselves and give back to the next generation. I share my 2 cents on smarter ways of working and getting you more than a buck for your penny. 
I know in life there are no guarantees but my hopes for you is  like me you earn a great income working less hours a week and doing the most with your friends and loved ones!
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d 'Alk

Here's how i help you

earn money online even while you sleep

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Target Ideal Customers

Target your Ideal Customer

My content is written specifically to find and engage with the right audience already in the market looking for a person, brand, product, service like yours.
I provide you with conversations that break the ice, builds engaging relationships and a common interest in you your brand, product or services makes the sealing of a deal ever easier.


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Sizzling leads


Generate Sizzling Leads

I help attract great leads to your business by using a blend of proven marketing skills i have learnt and tailored over the years.

Increase Sales

I provide you with content designed specifically for your business niche in order to filter through only customers ready to close leads.



Expand your network

I help grow your network by targeting niche specific prospects that land you new opportunities.

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Build Relationships


Build Lasting Relationships

I provide you with conversations that break the ice, builds engaging relationships and a common interest in you your brand, product or services makes the sealing of a deal ever easier.
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Brand Recognition

Raise Brand Awareness and Recognition

I want you to be extremely proud of your brand and provide you with quality materials  that exerts you as an authority in your niche.


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