Karen d'Almeida


How many times have you found the perfect dress but it was too revealing or too short?


Kazzy's Fayre Fashion was launched August 2019. Founder, Karen d’Almeida’s vision is to create a 'high-end' yet affordable timeless dream wardrobe for women. She is inspired by the need to see all women exude confidence in a sexy even daring number yet be comfortable. No tugging or pulling allowed :-) 


Kazzy’s Fayre is the first women's wear brand focused solely on providing premium quality clothes with sleeves and of midi length or longer for memorable events or a night out. Every time!  We are all about celebrating women who want to be sexy without showing it all! This is achieved by allowing women to wear sexy garment yet have the choice of wearing a bra and support shape wear no matter the design. Women want to be as sexy as their celebrity idols but only dream of it because a lot of sexy clothes on the market fail to factor this in. Not every woman wants to be braless, sleeveless or wear a short dress! No woman should be shopping for hours, looking through tens of clothing brands hoping to find a sexy garment that allows her to wear a bra, cover her arms or be a comfortable length.

It ends today!  Join our Fayre and be SEXY yet COMFY!

Thank You for supporting a small business